Levels of Care

Telehealth Intensive Treatment

Patients have the option to participate in our Intensive Day Treatment Program remotely via telehealth, allowing individuals anywhere in the state of California the ability to access Camden Center’s world-class treatment.

Patients participating in treatment via telehealth have access to the same expert clinicians and programming available to patients participating in person.

Our Telehealth Intensive Treatment Program consists of up to 3 hours of individual therapy per day, 3 to 5 days per week, depending upon the specific needs of the patient. Patients typically begin treatment 5 days per week and gradually taper to fewer days per week as their symptoms improve and they begin to reincorporate activities outside of treatment back into their lives.

Who Telehealth Intensive Treatment is for

This level of care is for patients who are sufficiently stable to live on their own and have enough local support that they may be safely treated remotely.

Patients with more acute symptoms are treated in either our in-person Intensive Day Treatment Program or our Treatment + Integrative Housing Program.

The appropriate level of care for each patient is determined through a pre-admission assessment performed by one of our senior clinicians.

For more information about our Telehealth Intensive Treatment Program for mental health and addictive disorders, contact Camden Center by phone or online today.