Levels of Care

Treatment + Integrative Housing

Patients in our Treatment + Integrative Housing Program live at Camden Residences while attending mental health treatment or addiction treatment at Camden Center.

This level of care is ideal for patients who need the support of a structured living environment in addition to the high-quality clinical care they are receiving at Camden Center.

Personalized care in a structured setting

Unlike traditional residential treatment centers in which patients are sequestered in a highly contained and restricted environment, patients in Camden’s Treatment + Integrative Housing Program receive personalized care in a structured but less restrictive setting that is more similar to the real-world environment they must eventually return to.

This reduces the high rate of relapse and regression frequently seen when patients leave the protected “bubble” of traditional residential treatment and return to independent living.

For many patients, our Treatment + Integrative Housing Program is the optimal level of care, providing the benefits of Camden Center’s world-class clinical treatment with the 24/7 support, structure, and community of integrative housing at Camden Residences.

For more information about our Treatment + Integrative Housing Program in Los Angeles or San Francisco, contact Camden Center by phone or online today.