Life Coaching

Life coaching is intended to help individuals achieve personal goals such as increased happiness, improved work-life balance, and a greater sense of accomplishment. It focuses on the present and future, is driven by defining, setting and taking action upon goals, and is results-based. When a client needs guidance getting onto a path and wants to work toward a higher level of functioning, it can be helpful to explore solutions by collaborating with a professional coach who will keep the client motivated and accountable.


There are several benefits of life coaching which include: increased self-awareness, better goal setting, a more balanced life, lower stress levels, enhanced self-discovery, increased confidence, improved quality of life, 

enhanced communication skills, increased project completion, improved health or fitness level, and better relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.


At the Camden Center, our Clinical Psychologist utilizes coaching for career planning and development, education completion, finances and budgeting, stress management and balance, motivation, time management, spirituality, and purpose.

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