Beverly Women's House


This charming Cape Cod-style home is nestled in Cheviot Hills, 15 minutes from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the beach and a quick drive to the Camden Center clinical offices where treatment takes place. 


The spacious open floor plan, high ceilings, and abundant natural light create a peaceful space that serves as an ideal environment for women to progress in recovery. The modern six-bedroom home also features a private library and business center. 


Residents will participate in a variety of activities, including movie and game nights, hikes to the Santa Monica Mountains, and beach trips to the many local scenic beaches. They also have access to sporting equipment and bikes for physical fitness. 


A professional chef ensures residents have nutritious food and snacks, and prepares healthy dinners. Residents participate in a regular house meeting dinner and communal weekend brunches to strengthen the onsite community.


The nurturing setting along with a strong recovery-focused community and professional, friendly staff make Beverly House the perfect place to start building a new, healthier life.