Outpatient Treatment

The Camden Center is a team of nationally-recognized Medical Doctors, Psychotherapists, and Integrative Medicine specialists who have been recruited as experts in their field to work with our patients. Unlike most treatment facilities, The Camden Center is a medical organization established and operated by physicians, and is founded on the principles of clinical excellence, compassionate care, and respect for our patients.


Each patient receives a personalized treatment program based upon a comprehensive assessment and ongoing weekly meetings with their Program Manager. Through these assessments, every aspect of a patient's recovery is addressed.

Integrative Mental Health Care


Psychological conditions often do not respond to simple, one-dimensional approaches. An integrative approach to mental health care involves the intelligent combination of multiple treatments to address the biological, psychological, social, familial, and developmental factors at play in each patient's unique history. 


In addition to medication management and psychotherapy, The Camden Center emphasizes physical health and nutritional status, as well as reintegration into the world outside of treatment. Toward this end, many patients' treatment plan involves acupuncture, yoga, ongoing nutritional assessments, and progressive involvement in work, school, or volunteering. 


All treatment at The Camden Center is planned on a week-to-week basis with changes being made each week to optimize treatment efficacy. Treatment is typically decreased gradually as involvement in outside activities increases, which we have found greatly reduces the chance of relapse compared to the more abrupt ending of treatment typical of most programs. 


At The Camden Center, each patient's treatment plan is individualized and consists of a combination of some or all of the following treatments:













Additionally, patients receive a thorough nutritional assessment and a diet plan when appropriate. Patients are also monitored for the presence of medical conditions and referred for primary or specialized medical care when needed.

Integrative Housing

Patients at The Camden Center have the option of living in one of our Camden Residences, which are located close to The Camden Center offices where treatment takes place. The houses are in safe, desirable neighborhoods and are designed to enhance and promote each resident's recovery. They feature bright, modern design, shared or private rooms, meals prepared by a professional chef, gym membership, weekend events and activities, complimentary transportation, and a close-knit, supportive recovery community. With an emphasis on both physical and emotional health, the Camden Residences provide an ideal living environment while in treatment at The Camden Center.

The Optimal Environment

The right living environment can have a tremendous impact on the success of treatment. For this reason, we have taken great care to design the Camden Residences integrative housing to promote every aspect of our patients' recovery. In addition to their ideal location and amenities, the houses also provide an environment of mutual support and friendship that help our residents build lasting relationships.