Levels of Care

Medical Intensive Program

(Currently available only at our Los Angeles location.)

The Medical Intensive Program at Camden Center is a highly specialized clinical program that offers world class, integrated psychiatric and medical care. The program is designed for patients with complex conditions who require sophisticated treatment under a high level of supervision, in a private and contained environment. 

While receiving treatment, patients are accompanied by a care partner around the clock and live in one of our luxury residences. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive psychiatric and medical evaluation and is matched with a personalized multidisciplinary team of expert clinicians across a broad range of medical, psychotherapeutic, and somatic specialities. If clinically indicated, the treatment plan may include only individual sessions (i.e., no group therapy), and for patients with special privacy needs, additional measures are available to ensure there is no interaction with other patients or staff outside of the clinicians on the treatment team.

Each patient meets with their Clinical Team Lead on a weekly basis. With patient authorization, the Clinical Team Lead regularly communicates with family members and outside clinicians to coordinate care and provide clinical updates on treatment progress. 

Treatment is provided Monday through Friday, and the treatment schedule for each patient ranges from 15 to 18 hours per week, plus any out-of-office visits.


Every patient in the Medical Intensive Program is provided with a personalized team of expert clinicians matched to their specific needs. There are no predefined tracks or set schedules and each patient receives completely personalized treatment based upon a comprehensive psychiatric and medical diagnostic evaluation.

Patients in the program have access to a broad range of expert clinicians across multiple specialities including psychiatrists, primary care physicians, natural medicine doctors, psychologists, trauma specialists, family therapists, dieticians, massage therapists, acupuncturists, occupational therapists, executive coaches, tai chi/qigong practitioners, yoga specialists, and fitness experts. These clinicians work collaboratively, with care organized and managed for each patient by their Clinical Team Lead. 


When indicated, patients in the Medical Intensive Program are provided with medical imaging services including CT Coronary Angiogram, whole body MRI, and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with NeuroQuant. These imaging modalities can help to rule in or rule out any biological contributions to the patient's presenting condition. Additionally, Camden Center physicians will facilitate and manage referrals to any outside specialists as needed to provide complete, coordinated care to patients within the program. 

Patients enrolled in Camden Center’s Medical Intensive Program also receive a membership with Solis Health, a concierge urgent care with 24/7 support. Physicians at Camden Center communicate directly with Solis Health to ensure streamlined, high quality visits if and when urgent care is needed. 


Patients enrolled in Camden Center’s treatment programs live at Camden Residences, a partner of Camden Center. With modern architecture and amenities, our luxury residences are a short distance from Camden Center clinical offices and are located in safe, vibrant residential neighborhoods.

Each resident is matched with a personal 24/7 care partner who provides support and transportation, assists with medication storage and accounting, promotes compliance with treatment, and communicates directly with the patient’s Camden Center clinical team. Each resident has their own private room with an en suite bathroom. Camden Residences are mixed gender and capped at a maximum of 3 to 4 residents.

Kitchens are stocked with coffee, tea, and bottled water. Lunch and dinner are chef-prepared to meet the needs and preferences of each resident. A weekly budget is provided to each resident’s care partner to purchase breakfast foods requested by the resident.

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