Individualized Supportive Living

Individualized Supportive Living is available to all patients receiving care at our Los Angeles and San Francisco clinical programs. Each patient is matched with a personal 24/7 care partner who provides support, assists with medication storage and accounting, promotes compliance with psychotherapeutic and behavioral interventions, provides transportation, and communicates directly with the patient’s Camden Center clinical team.

Patients and their care partner live in our luxury residence near Camden Center clinical offices, with each patient staying in a large private bedroom with en suite bathroom. Chef-prepared meals are provided according to the needs and preferences of each patient and are hand delivered to the house. The residences are mixed gender and capped at a maximum of 3 to 4 patients. 

Individualized Supportive Living personalizes the residential experience to meet the needs of each patient and extends the high quality, integrated care that is the core of our clinical programs to our supportive living services. Since its founding, Camden Center has operated on the principles of clinical excellence, compassionate care, and personalized integration of medical, psychological, and somatic modalities.

Individualized Supportive Living complements our clinical approach by offering patients a level of containment, support, and integration with their clinical program that is unattainable in other residential settings.

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