Mental Health Treatment

Founded and operated by physicians and staffed by a broad range of highly trained and experienced clinicians, Camden Center is a nationally recognized center of excellence for the treatment of mental health conditions.

Because mental health conditions involve the emotional, cognitive, neurological, hormonal, and metabolic systems of the body, true recovery requires an experienced team of medical and non-medical clinicians working together collaboratively.

As one of the few mental health intensive outpatient programs in the United States licensed as a medical organization, Camden Center has the capacity to integrate the highest quality medical, psychological, and somatic care into personalized programs for each patient at all levels of care.

Equally as important as the clinical expertise of our clinicians is the Camden Center culture of compassion, empathy, and inclusion. Mental health care is most effective when patients feel safe and understood by their treatment team.

Camden Center generates this experience for our patients through the careful matching of patients with clinicians based upon best fit in terms of both clinical modality as well as temperament and personality.

areas of expertise

Camden Center specializes in the treatment of the following mental health conditions:

Truly individualized treatment

Camden Center bases our mental health treatment on more than just diagnosis. While diagnosis is a crucial first step in treatment and every patient at Camden Center undergoes thorough psychiatric and medical diagnostic evaluations, determination of the developmental causes of the diagnosis are equally important in providing effective treatment.

For this reason, Camden Center does not have pre-determined tracks or schedules based on diagnosis and no two patients have the same treatment program.

A unique treatment team is put together for each patient consisting of clinicians who are the best fit for them at that time in their recovery. This team may then be adjusted as the patient progresses through treatment based on weekly assessment of improvement and progress toward treatment goals.

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