Case Management

The emotional and psychological effects of addiction and mental health conditions often cause significant functional problems as well. Taking the psychological progress made in treatment and converting it into real-world changes in functionality sometimes requires support outside of the clinical office setting.

Camden Case Management, a partner of Camden Center, provides a comprehensive support structure to help individuals make effective changes in their home, work, and social environments, both during and following mental health treatment or addiction treatment.

Camden Case Management collaborates with individuals at various stages of their healing process, whether they are just beginning a mental health or addiction treatment program or are further along in their recovery journey.

The multidisciplinary team is dedicated to developing flexible, creative, and individualized reintegration plans for each client so they can gain independence through reasonable and achievable goals.

Camden Case Management does not perform clinical services but rather coordinates with each client’s clinical team to ensure the clinical work results in functional progress outside of the treatment setting.

As such, Camden Case Management requires all clients to work with an outside team of clinical providers while receiving case management services. Camden Case Management works closely with Camden Center or other providers to ensure that clients receive the clinical services they need.


Because everyone’s journey is different, the team at Camden Case Management develops personalized reintegration plans for every client. Each client is matched with a case management team that offers comprehensive support at each point in the process of recovery.

Upon admission into Camden Case Management, each client undergoes a comprehensive reintegration assessment that involves a review of their treatment history, support system, and short- and long-term goals.

Based on the results of this assessment, the client’s case management team creates an individualized reintegration plan. The plan is a living document that is regularly revised to meet the needs of the client as they progress in their journey.

The team works closely with everyone who participates in the client’s reintegration process, including outside clinical providers, family members, recovery coaches, sober companions, and anyone else the client has on their support team, to ensure all of the client’s needs are successfully being met and the team remains organized and coordinated.


Camden Case Management offers comprehensive long-term support through:

  • Reintegration plan creation and revision
  • Home visits
  • Medication adherence
  • Life skills coaching
  • Recovery-related activities
  • Communication skill building
  • Community development
  • Daily phone support
  • Updates to family members
  • Ongoing communication with any and all outside clinical providers
  • Toxicology screening, if needed

The success of case management services depends on the client’s active participation and accountability. Clients receive the appropriate level of case management services required based on where they are in their journey and how much support they need.


Behavioral health case management services have been shown to have many benefits, including:

  • Building and implementing life skills
  • Developing strong interpersonal relationships
  • Consistent accountability in emotion management and regulation skills

Through ongoing case management with a supportive team, clients can learn to function well, reintegrate, and thrive in their daily lives.


Throughout the case management process, each client works with two Camden Case Management team members — a mentor and a case manager — who have been carefully selected. Clients are matched with a team that fits their personality, clinical and reintegration needs, and personal preferences.

Mentors work closely with clients to offer support throughout the entire reintegration process. Mentors regularly meet with the client in person and by phone, and ensure that the client’s goals are being met and progress is being made.

Case managers also meet regularly with the client and are the point person for communications with anyone participating in the client’s reintegration team, including the mentor, family members, sources of financial support, and outside clinical support.

How often clients meet with their mentor and case manager depends on the level of case management they receive.


Camden Case Management is founded on the principles of compassionate care, pragmatism, and respect for clients and their families. The experienced team of case managers and mentors has many years of experience working with people struggling with mental health and addiction issues, and has the skills and expertise needed to help clients build happy, productive, and meaningful lives.

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