Eos Program LGBTQIP+

LGBTQIP+ patients deserve high-quality, compassionate care in a clinical setting that understands and celebrates aspects of identity that otherwise risk being overlooked or minimized in conventional therapeutic settings. Recognizing the unique needs of LGBTQIP+ patients, Camden Center is proud to offer the Eos Program, an integrated set of treatment services available to any patient at Camden Center identifying as LGBTQIP+. 


The Eos Program consists of multiple therapeutic modalities performed by clinicians specializing in the treatment of LGBTQIP+ patients. Because each LGBTQIP+ patient has their own dynamic relationship to their identity, clinical teams are customized to ensure patients are matched with the treatment modalities and clinicians that will be most helpful to them. Each Eos clinical team member has specialized training and experience with LGBTQIP+ affirmative psychotherapy and extensive experience with the LGBTQIP+ community. 


Therapeutic modalities offered by the diverse Eos Program staff include LGBTQIP+ affirmative couples therapy, LGBTQIP+ family therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and psychodynamic therapy. Patients in the Eos Program can address issues such as substance addiction,  LGBTQIP+ relationships, intimate partner violence, identity trauma, sex addiction and sexual abuse, identity discrimination, and identity self-care. Patients may choose to participate in some or all of the components of the Eos Program while also having access to the full range of additional clinical services available at Camden Center.

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