Hilgard Men's House


Hilgard House is located in West Los Angeles, 10 minutes from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach, and Westwood Village and a short drive to the Camden Center clinical offices where treatment takes place. The brand new property features a large open floor plan, an abundance of natural light, and a private rooftop patio with views of Santa Monica and Los Angeles. 


The modern five-bedroom house has multiple common spaces and equipment for leisure and sports, including a ping pong table and a variety of musical instruments. The weekly calendar includes an assortment of activities, such as game nights, movie nights, and karaoke, to build community onsite. 


Residents can take advantage of the local scenery with hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains and swimming off the Malibu coast. They also have access to bikes and fitness equipment to utilize in their workouts. 


A professional chef prepares nutritious dinners and keeps the house stocked with fresh food and snacks. A communal weekend brunch and house meeting dinner allow the residents to explore the kitchen and try new recipes together. 


These peaceful surroundings combined with our professional, friendly staff and supportive, recovery-focused community make Hilgard House the perfect setting to build the foundation of a new life.

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