Nutrition is an essential component in optimizing brain chemistry for mood disorders and addiction. Most people who come into recovery have nutritional, biochemical and neurotransmitter imbalances resulting from their underlying addictive illness. The Camden Center provides individualized nutrition counseling and education specific to patients needs. In many cases additional laboratory testing is utilized to address nutrient deficiencies and excesses to help balance the brain chemistry and optimize therapy and medication effectiveness.


Tests can provide insights into such areas as:

- B vitamin sufficiency (relates to energy production)

- Amino Acids (protein status)

- Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 and AA)

- Lipid Peroxides (oxidative stress to our cells and tissues)

- Gastrointestinal FunctionDetoxification

- Pathways

- Vitamin and Mineral Status

- Food Antibody Panels (food sensitivities)

Additional tests that can be run:

- Gluten profiles

- Adrenal stress (saliva)

- Basic blood tests (CBC panel, chemistry panel and lipid profiles)



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