Therapeutic Massage

The body is an emotional storehouse. In some cases, the body can act as armor, protecting us from a memory or emotion that has been buried within our subconscious. These difficult memories can often manifest themselves physically in the form of muscular tension, defensive posture, weakened immune system and pain. Therapeutic massage helps to change these ingrained “muscle memory” patterns associated with lifestyle habits, physical injury or emotional trauma.


On a physical level, therapeutic massage produces deep relaxation and stress reduction, relief from muscle tension and stiffness, greater joint flexibility and range of motion, improved circulation, and a strengthened immune system. On an emotional level, therapeutic massage reduces anxiety, calms and clears the mind, and promotes a greater awareness and appreciation of one’s body. The ability to be present and in one’s body ultimately allows one to feel more grounded and thus safer and more in 

control.  At the Camden Center, the therapeutic massage is conducted in a safe, supportive, and compassionate environment by a highly trained massage therapist who encourages open communication and patient feedback.  Our holistic approach can incorporate therapeutic massage as part of each person’s individualized treatment plan. When integrated with other therapies, therapeutic massage can help alleviate physiological and psychological distress and assist each person in achieving greater balance and wellness in their lives.